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Changing Lives, Improving Outcomes: The impact of early intervention in North East Lincolnshire Children’s Centres. Executive Summary (2013)

Author: Paul Gutherson

We are really pleased to be able to publish this summary report highlighting the essential contribution Children’s Centres, as hubs of service provision suited to the needs of communities, make in delivering positive change in the lives of people in North East Lincolnshire. 

It includes an outcomes map, a Return on Investment estimate and examines the impact on the wider family. A more personal approach to ROI is also highlighted in the report and shows how big the potential return from effective early intervention can be when ‘knock-on’ effects are also considered.

The full report will be available following an official launch. Gutherson Research thanks the commissioners of the work for allowing this pre-launch publication of the Executive Summary.


Changing Lives, Improving Outcomes: Youth Policy, Practice and Partnership in North East Lincolnshire. (2012)

Author: Paul Gutherson

This project examined evidence of the effect multi agency partnership working has on services relating to young people within, or on the edges of, the Youth Justice System in North East Lincolnshire. In particular it highlights changes in outlook and practice between different professionals, particularly police and youth workers, and challenges some of the orthodoxy of both professions in their work with young people.

Download the executive summary

Social Worker Retention Study (2012)

Author: Paul Gutherson

Online and telephone survey of leavers from Children’s Services and placement students in the authority. Analysis and brief Rapid Evidence Review to inform strategic intervention/ senior management.

New models for organising education: Flexi schooling - how one school does it well (June 2011) CfBT Education Trust

Authors: Paul Gutherson, Janette Mountford-Lees

This report describes and comments on how Hollinsclough School supported "flexi-schooling", an approach to education which offers to parents, some of whom wish to educate their children at home, opportunities for part-time attendance at school. The report also includes a Rapid Evidence Review of related issues.

Read an article based on this research.

The full report is available from the CfBT Education Trust evidence for education website.

Achieving successful outcomes through Alternative Education Provision: an international literature review (2010) CfBT Education Trust

Authors: Paul Gutherson, Helen Davies, Ted Daszkiewicz

In 2010 the Trustees of CfBT commissioned a literature review to help improve understanding of how to measure the effectiveness of Alternative Education Provision (AEP), bring together evidence of effective approaches to AEP and identify promising practice and lessons that might be transferable from AEP to mainstream provision.

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The full report and a summary are available from the CfBT Education Trust evidence for education website.

Evidence Support Programme Mini Guides (2010)

Author: Paul Gutherson

The Evidence Support Programme (ESP) aims to help practitioners find, understand and use evidence. It seeks to do this through: Engaging and working with communities of practice to spread evidence based practice in education (and across the wider children and young people’s workforce); Facilitated workshops to help practitioners identify and explore their ‘knowledge problems’; Mini-guides that highlight key aspects of finding, understanding and using evidence.

Visit the educational evidence portal website

Analysis of Local Integrated Workforce Strategies. (2009) CWDC

Authors: Paul Gutherson, Elizabeth Dowen and Helen Davies

Based on analysis of 97 Local Integrated Workforce Strategies (LIWS) this project helped CWDC deliver targeted support to Local Authorities through Regional Development Managers and, where appropriate, regional and national initiatives. The findings of the report were used to feed into new guidance to local areas on producing a Workforce Reform Action Plan/ Strategy.

Behaviour management and pastoral skills training for initial teacher trainees: trainees’ confidence and preparedness (2006) CfBT Education Trust


Trainees’ Confidence and Preparedness in Behaviour Management and Pastoral Practice – A reflective tool (2006) CfBT Education Trust

Authors: Paul Gutherson and Liz Pickard

The report presents the findings from a one-year project examining the behaviour management and pastoral skills elements of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programmes. The research was funded by the trustees of CfBT. In light of the recommendations the project team developed a handbook to help initial teacher trainees and training providers.

The handbook was developed to help initial teacher trainees, and training providers, reflect on the complex relationships of factors underpinning the confidence levels of trainees to undertake effective behaviour management and pastoral practice. The tool consists of a series of open questions, self-scoring cards, ranking exercises and reflective exercises.

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